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Jeepers Peepers

With warmer weather and an ‘early spring’ not only are the flowers coming back out but so are other signs of life. A notable group of local residents with increased activity in early spring is the amphibians. New York State is home to 19 species of salamanders and 14 species of toads and frogs.


Many people recognize ‘spring’ not by the calendar but rather when they hear the ‘peepers’ start calling. Though small, the 1 inch long Northern spring peepers (Pseudacris c. crucifer) are distributed, and heard, throughout New York. As their common name implies, Spring peepers communicate through high-pitched calls and are often the first frogs to begin vocalizing in the early spring. Depending on the amount of frogs in a pond, peeper calls can be heard over a distance of about 2 miles!


This wonderful chorus doesn’t last long, so now is a great time for being outdoors to enjoy the lengthening days, smell the flowers and of course listen for those peepers!

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