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Butterflies Up Close!

Summer is officially in full swing and what better way to kick it off than with our delightful Live Butterfly Exhibit! Among our winged guests this year are monarchs, various swallowtails, and more. Upon entering the arbor nestled in our Native Plant Meadow, you will be greeted by a variety of beautiful butterflies as they peacefully flit around the exhibit and interact with our native plants.


If you really look closely, you may even notice that each type of butterfly has its own preferred “host plant” on which the females lay their eggs. These garden nurseries provide not only a safe place for larvae to emerge, but also their first much-needed source of food. Butterfly caterpillars will munch on the leaves of their host plant until they have grown enough to be able to leave and form a chrysalis, a major step in transforming into a butterfly. As we have a greater variety of butterflies this year, we also have a greater diversity of plants.


During your next visit to this exhibit, you may have the pleasure of speaking to Ilana, one of our summer interns who will be happy to talk to you about all things butterfly. Ilana’s passion for insects and plants is what has led her to study conservation biology in college as well as what brought her to the Greenburgh Nature Center. Pro tip: If you would like to try to have one of the butterflies land on you, Ilana recommends wearing the color red!

Say hello to Ilana if she’s in the Butterfly Arbor during your visit to the Nature Center. We’re sure you’ll learn something fun about butterflies from her!
If you’re lucky, a butterfly might land on you!
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