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Stop by and see our beautiful, one of a kind nature playscape. The Nature's Discovery Playground is a unique, nature-themed playground designed to engage children in outdoor exploration and discovery. This recreation area serves children ages 2 – 12 and provides a variety of play elements intended to mimic the natural environment. We are committed to ensuring that today's generation enjoys creative play in the outdoors, connecting children to the wonder and awe of nature.

Meet our playground sponsors:

Con Edison

There is still an opportunity for you to be a significant part of the playground and create a legacy for your name and family members. Naming opportunities for a variety of items at varying budget levels are still available. Please contact Executive Director Margaret Goldberg at 914.813.1837 to discuss naming opportunities in more detail.

Naming Opportunities

Naming opportunities for a variety of items at varying budget levels are still available. See LIST of available items. Please contact Margaret Goldberg more details. 914.813.1837. Help support our playground today.

Bronx River Watershed Exhibit

Completed in 2009, our Bronx River Watershed Exhibit provides an introduction to school groups and visitors on the ecology of the Bronx River. This exhibit features fish communities that reside in the Bronx River and the role the Bronx River plays in managing local watershed management concerns associated with the Long Island Sound. In addition to exhibiting species of fish and invertebrates native to this local watershed, education signage provides awareness about the River's history, biodiversity, stewardship programs and fish adaptations.

We thank the Bronx River Parkway Reservation Conservancy, New York City Environmental Fund and Long Island Sound Futures Fund for their support of this project.

Woodfrog Restoration Project

The primary goal of the Woodfrog Restoration Project, undertaken in the fall of 2008, is to increase the biodiversity of our Woodfrog Pond area and adjoining wetlands.

Over the course of many years, the area had become degraded due to erosion and educational program usage. We received $9,700 from the New York City Environmental Fund to partially dredge the pond, regrade and fortify the pond perimeter, and replant the area with a variety of hardy and native perennials, shrubs and trees.

With this restoration project, our pond area will now better serve as an outdoor classroom for visiting school groups and will help in delivering educational programming on pond ecology, wetland conservation and biodiversity.

Special Thanks
We are grateful for the assistance of Sprainbrook Nursery and many volunteers in completing this restoration project, including the following:

  • GNC high school volunteers
  • GNC membership, Lower Hudson Chapter of the Sierra Club
  • Wave Hill Forest Project
  • Saunders Technical High School
  • White Plains Youth Bureau Greening Project
  • Edgemont High School Environmental Club
  • Edgemont Cub Scouts
  • Volunteers from Dannon and Timberland

Green Roof Exhibit

The primary goal of the Green Roof Exhibit is to provide a visual example of new approaches towards sustainability. Located at the beginning of the boardwalk that leads to the GNC entrance, the exhibit was constructed during the fall of 2008 by Greener By Design with generous sponsorship funds from Con Edison.

A green roof acts like a "living blanket," protecting roofing membrane from extreme weather and ultra-violet damage. In addition to extending the useful life of a roof, vegetation keeps buildings cooler, saves energy, absorbs pollutants and stormwater runoff, and adds beauty.

This green roof exhibit demonstrates the benefits of a vegetative roofing surface, and it will be used as a teaching tool with our school groups and other visitors.

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