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Adopt-An-Animal Today!

The animals of the Greenburgh Nature Center (GNC) all have specific needs, and each requires care throughout the year. You can help us meet these needs by giving a donation to our Adopt-an-Animal program. Your Adopt-an-Animal donation helps feed and care for the more than 100 different species of animals in our care—including invertebrates, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals and insects. Whatever animal you choose, your money goes to support your special animal and the entire Center.


Types of animals available for adoption include:
yellow-footed tortoiseball python


Animal adoptions are valid for one year from the date of processing. Animals may have multiple sponsors and must remain at the Center. Gift levels and animal choices are subject to change. If you have questions about GNC’s Adopt-An-Animal program, please email: Travis Brady at or call 914.813.1830.

You can make your donation securely using Paypal (Paypal account not necessary). Choose the animal(s) you want from the FORM on the link button below.

Thanks for your contribution.



Check out the video below from CBS New York!


sheep in the barnyard

goats in the barnyard

turkeys in the barnyard