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Trails and Outdoor Exhibits

Trails and Outdoor Exhibits


For hikers, the Blue Trail is a loop (about a third of a mile in length) that starts at the back of our main building and circles by Woodfrog Pond before returning to the GNC. Abundant life can be found on all four levels of the forest: the high canopy of oaks, the understory of dogwoods, the shrub level of viburnums, and the forest floor level of wildflowers and mushrooms. Stop at the pond and watch for migratory birds and other wildlife. All trails are unpaved nature trails, so please watch where you walk and stay on the trails. Also, please note that any removal of wildlife and plants is prohibited. No dogs are allowed on the property.

Nature's Discovery Playground

Wildflower MeadowNative Plant Meadow

Our meadow was recently restored (phase 1 - 2014) into a native plant meadow with indigenous plants and is now a habitat for birds, butterflies, and other wildlife. Located in the meadow are a walking loop path, some of the Center's honeybee hives, and a classroom seating area which can also be used as a quiet place to sit and observe wildlife. The meadow will also house our annual live butterfly exhibit in the summer (see our summer calendar for specific dates). 

The Great Lawn

The Great Lawn area provides an ideal space to rest and enjoy the beauty of nature and the changing colors of the season. It is the staging area for special events and other gatherings. There is also an organic garden area and a butterfly garden.

Outdoor Animal Displays

Our outdoor animal displays include rabbits, chickens, sheep, goats, turkeys, honeybee hives and a birds of prey aviary.

To Our Visitors and Explorers:

There is something wonderful about the warmer weather that calls us outside to play and explore. While it is healthy and beneficial to be outside, we should always exercise some caution in the areas of too much sun, poison ivy, or ticks. Specifically focusing on ticks, here are some things that you can do to limit your exposure to ticks and maximize your enjoyment of the outdoors.

Noting that ticks prefer tall grass and low shrubby areas, you can avoid most ticks by walking/hiking in the middle of the trail and by not veering into the undergrowth. Also, it is suggested that you wear light-colored clothing including long-sleeved shirts and long pants. The light color contrasts with the darker color of ticks and allows for easier visual inspection. Tucking the pants into your socks also helps keep ticks off your body.

More detailed information and health recommendations can be found at:

Get outside, explore, and enjoy nature...but be Tick Smart.

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