We hope everyone had a great Earth Day! On Friday, April 20, the Greenburgh Nature Center visited the Seely Place School to teach fourth and fifth graders about sustainable habits and renewable energy.

Zero Waste & Beyond!

Sustainability Intern, Noah Brennan and Special Projects Manager, Pam Miner lead an interactive program about how to practice Zero Waste through the three Rs of sustainability: reduce, reuse, and recycle. Students took turns spinning the Wheel of Waste and working together to decide in which bin each item belonged-trash, recycle, or compost. Then, their knowledge was put to the test in the Recycle Relay! In two teams, students retrieved materials from “Trash Mountain” and ran across the room to sort the waste into the appropriate bin. Students were buzzing with excitement as they successfully sorted the mountain. At the end of the session, students brainstormed ways that they could continue these sustainable habits in their daily lives such as walking to school, turning off the lights when they leave the room, and switching to reusable water bottles. What great ideas!

A Look at Renewable Energy & Cookie Mining

Naturalist Educator, John Mancuso, gave an engaging presentation explaining different types of energy and the importance of using renewable energy sources. Nonrenewable energy vs renewable energy – what’s the difference? Nonrenewable energy is derived from sources that will eventually run out like coal or oil and cause pollution when burned. Renewable energy is fuel that can never run out or is quickly replenished such as solar or wind energy, and created less of an impact on the environment when used to produce electricity.

Seely Earth Day Energy
John Mancuso teaching students at the Seely Place School about renewable energy.

To reinforce the information presented, John used a hands-on STEM-based activity called Cookie Mining. Students received a cookie and were instructed to mine the chocolate chips or “coal” from the cookie to demonstrate the economic and environmental issues of coal mining. Who knew learning about energy could be so sweet?

Thank you to everyone at the Seely Place School for participating in Earth Day and taking the time to learn about how we can live more sustainably. 

This program was offered in partnership with Con Edison.

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