The Greenburgh Nature Center’s mission is to ignite passion, curiosity, and respect for our natural world.


The Greenburgh Nature Center’s vision is to be a leader in the region for environmental education and best sustainable practices, while providing enriching hands-on visitor experiences and a venue for community activities. We will continue to offer exciting, unique, and interactive educational programs for people of all ages, as well as a range of community activities to engage people, businesses, and governmental entities with each other on environmental sustainability issues, while aiming to instill in future generations an appreciation for and will to protect nature.


We are the first nature center to be a certified Green Business Partnership. Sustainability is modeled and demonstrated in our operations, programs, and events. Watch a video about how we did it. Our green policy addresses energy, water, land use, transportation, and materials management.


– We are committed to fostering awareness and understanding of environmental issues
– We believe in developing a dialogue of care around our interconnectedness with nature
– We are dedicated to serving as stewards of the Nature Center’s land