Join a week-long celebration of our friends in flight during Greenburgh Nature Center’s first Bird-a-thon!

It’s now migration season for birds and from April 26th through May 2nd, you and your family can discover hundreds of different species of native birds right outside your door, or here at the Nature Center. Great for all ages and bird enthusiasts of all levels, you can track your sightings and raise money to support the Nature Center. 

In addition to being able to discover and track new birds, you can also attend educational virtual children’s events throughout the week. Get outside, enjoy the spring weather and support the Nature Center!

Date: April 26th – May 2nd

Want to discover native birds in your neighborhood while raising money to support the Nature Center and our mission? Create teams and participate in Bird-a-thon! Click the button below to register a team and receive your own personal fundraising page and welcome packet. From the link below, click the “Fundraise” button, then click “Join” or “Create a Team.”

Schedule of Events

Bird-a-thon Week (2)

Interested in joining one, or all of the virtual events we have scheduled during Bird-a-thon week? Click the button below to sign up.

Virtual Children’s Events Program Descriptions

April 26th: Meet the Birds (10 AM)
Get up close and personal with the Nature Center’s bird collection! Meet the owls, doves, eagles and more that call the Nature Center home. Learn all about their unique survival skills, how you can protect them from the comfort of your home, and the interesting background stories that lead to them becoming part of the Nature Center’s collection.

April 27th: Storytime (10 AM)
Join us for our special bird storytime. Come learn about where birds live, how they find food and how they communicate. Together we will read two books and make a simple craft together.

April 28th: Way of the Wing (10 AM)
Tune into this even to learn about the wondrous world of our winged friends. There are many different animals that have wings, but do animals use their wings in the same way? We will explore different ways animals use their wings and the theories that scientists believe that flight originated.

April 29th: Dinosaurs of the Past & Present (10 AM)
Join us for a look into the lives of Earth’s most awe-inspiring creatures—dinosaurs!  Learn where they came from, how they met their end, and what dinosaurs still roam the Earth to this day.

April 30th: Bird Trivia (10 AM)
Cap off a week of fun with children’s bird trivia! Fun for the whole family, this event will be like traditional trivia geared towards young children and will feature fun prizes for the top winners!

Bird-a-thon Information

What is it?

The bird-a-thon is a new event that inspires birders of all experience levels to come together to celebrate our feathered friends and raise funds that provide essential support for the Nature Center’s bird collection, nature education programs, and wild bird conservation projects. 

How does it work? 

Create a team, or head out on your own to explore the diversity of birds in your neighborhood for the greatest nature challenge of the year! Participants will have one week to compete against other teams to find as many bird species as they can. Birders are responsible for recruiting sponsors to support their team. Prizes will be given to the top fundraisers! View our Bird-a-thon goals, rules and regulations page for more info. 

Not an experienced birder?

You don’t have to have any birding experience to join the fun! Everyone is welcome to participatewhether you’re interested in birds, love exploring nature, or just looking for an excuse to get outside and support a good cause. We will provide all the support you need to get started with identifying birds in the area. If you are not comfortable fundraising but still want to participate, you can sign up for our virtual programs to learn more about the world of birding. 

Contact Danielle at for more information.