Greenburgh Nature Center has teamed up with Sustainable Westchester to make it easy to save on your electricity bills and support local renewable energy with Community Solar! The Town of Greenburgh has also enrolled in Community Solar and when you enroll, you can receive the same savings and benefits as the Town. 

Now, through Sustainable Westchester Community Solar, you can support local solar energy and save on your electricity bills with no solar panels on your property, and no investment. This opportunity is available to renters, homeowners, and eligible organizations and businesses, too. 

What is Community Solar?

Community solar allows almost anyone to subscribe to a large, local solar farm, usually on a large roof! The clean, solar energy goes into the electric grid that powers our community. Subscribing to a community solar project doesn’t require any installation on your home and can save you up to 10% on your electricity costs while supporting the generation of clean energy – it’s a win-win-win!

How does subscribing to community solar affect my electricity bill?

Each month, you earn a solar credit that offsets your ConEd or NYSEG electric bill (based on the solar power produced at the solar farm). The solar farm then charges you, via autopay, for the solar credit at a 10% discount, providing you consistent savings! There is no cost to join or leave the program.

Who can sign up for Community Solar?

Anyone! Renters, homeowners, and even eligible organizations can subscribe to community solar. Those with solar panels already installed are unable to join.

There’s still time for you to take advantage of this opportunity. Join 1500+ of your Westchester neighbors already signed up for community solar with Sustainable Westchester.

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