As a nonprofit that relies heavily on the generosity of people like you, your support is critical to the Greenburgh Nature Center.

Many have come to value the Nature Center as a beloved haven that ignites passion, curiosity and respect for our natural world. With a gift this year, visitors can enjoy environmentally-focused education programs that connect them with nature in meaningful ways.

Programs such as Garden Grown Scholars broaden a child’s imagination with hands-on gardening experiences. You can bring these experiences to students!

The Zero Waste School initiatives empower students with the tools and information needed to create a sustainable future. You can support the future stewards of the Earth.

Now more than ever, your choices have an impact on the future! You can help expand programs like these to serve more adults and children on the Nature Center’s grounds and in schools throughout Westchester and beyond.

Please make a donation today! Thank you for believing in us.