At Greenburgh Nature Center, we do not use any pesticides, inorganic (i.e. copper sulfate, ferrous sulfate) or organic (i.e. neem oil, diatomaceous earth). Home gardeners are not producing large enough quantities of food to necessitate any form of insecticides, which kill beneficial insects, such as pollinators, along with pests. We also do not use fertilizers, as they easily enter waterways and cause issues such as algae blooms and deoxygenation. The only additives we use are naturally occurring in our local environment, such as worm castings and animal waste; even then, we still use them in moderation. Instead, we keep our soil healthy and nutrient-rich with compost and by practicing no-tillage.

The Organic Garden is here to demonstrate the different ways you can garden at your own home. Come and see our variety of containers and protective covers, all of which are either readily available for purchase at garden supply stores or easily built. From moveable grow-bags for container-friendly plants to in-ground beds with heavy-duty covers that can trellis heavy squash, there is an option that works for everyone.