The following guide provides a full listing of pre-K education programs provided to schools and institutions. All of our top quality programs can be customized for presentation at your location unless otherwise indicated.


Animal Adventures * – Year round
Children will have the opportunity to interact with some of our furriest, feathered, bristled and scaly residents. Class emphasizes respect for each animal and can be tailored to complement your curriculum with the inclusion of mammals, nocturnal animals, reptiles, amphibians and others. Also offered as an outreach program – Meet the Animals.

Apple Cidering
* – September through November
New York is the second largest producer of apples in the country. In this mouth-watering program, children will use an old-fashioned screw press to make apple cider. Students will learn about the colonial experience of cider making and get a taste of fresh, tangy apple cider. Each group must bring 2-3 apples per child. Offered at the Nature Center only.

Bees – April through October
The Greenburgh Nature Center is home to hundreds of thousands of bees! Students will get a chance to buzz around our property and get an up close look at some of our six-legged residents. The hour will include hands-on experience with real pollen, wax comb, an empty hive, as well as a taste testing of fresh honey, all generously donated by our honeybees. Students will also take part in activities designed to teach about the importance of bees in pollination and the job functions within a hive. Also offered as an outreach program. Note: All programs can be customized.

A Bug’s Life * – May through October
Join us on this invertebrate safari and compare the life cycles of insects to our own bodies. Learn how humans depend on insects and discover the many adaptations insects utilize for survival. Meet some of our live insects and then venture through varied landscapes to observe them in their natural habitat. Offered at the Nature Center only.

Winter Bird Buddies * – December through March
Viewing a variety of birds from our live animal museum, students are introduced to the basics of avian anatomy. They learn how to identify some of our common winter residents, why some birds migrate and how others adapt to winter life. Children make a pinecone feeder that they can hang outdoors to attract winged visitors. (No peanuts are used.) Offered at the Nature Center only.

Maple Sugaring * – February through March
Students will travel back in time to discover the history of maple sugaring with several stops along the way. Native American, colonial, and some modern day techniques are demonstrated at our outdoor sugaring sites. Students can challenge their taste buds as they try to determine the difference between corn syrup and the “real deal” -100% maple syrup. Offered at the Nature Center only.