Zero-Waste Schools

School-wide Implementation of a Zero-Waste Program
By implementing our Zero-Waste program, you will empower your students and the whole school community with the tools and information needed to make a real difference for our planet. Zero-Waste programming covers everything from installing waste sorting stations to conducting school-wide educational sessions about the benefits and How Tos of recycling and composting.

Zero-Waste Refreshers
Annual refreshers review the “do’s and don’ts” of recycling and composting and provide training to new students, teachers, and staff.

Thank you to New Belgium Brewing for their support of our Zero Waste Program!

Garden Grown Scholars

School Garden Education and/or Installation
Whether you are looking to install a school garden or provide plant programs for your students, we can customize a program that works for you. Students will have the opportunity to plan, install, and maintain edible or flowering plants, and will have year-long fun learning about all aspects of plants and gardens.

Thank you to The Thomas & Agnes Carvel Foundation and the TD Charitable Foundation for their support on our Garden Grown Scholars program!

Ready to book your project-based STEM education program? Contact our Sustainability Project Leader, Lindsay Cohen at or 914.813.1251!