How Can I Get Started?
Many local landscapers offer a leaf mulching service – ask your landscaper this fall! For DIYers: leaf mulching equipment is relatively inexpensive and available for purchase online. If using an electric mower, look for a 12 amp or greater mower.

Environmental Benefits
• Helps promote healthier yards by improving soil health, drainage and water retention.
• Reduces air pollution and fuel used as fewer vehicle trips are needed to pick up and dispose of leaves.
• Reduces flood risk resulting from clogged drains.
• Helps protect water quality in our streams, lakes and rivers by keeping leaves out of storm sewers. Decomposing leaves increase phosphorus levels in the water leading to harmful algal blooms in water bodies.
• Adds nutrients and organic matter to the topsoil.

Economic Benefits
• It’s a time saver – no need for hours of raking or leaf blowing
• It reduces Town spending for fall leaf collection and disposal, and for clearing clogged drains
• Landscapers can save operating costs by mulching leaves instead of bagging them

Leaf Mulching Tips
• Leaf piles can be mulched by repeated passes with the mower, or the leaves can be spread more thinly over the lawn and mulched in place.
• Leaves can be mulched during both fall and spring clean up.
• Mowing dry leaves makes for easier mulching but professional landscaping mowers equipped with mulching blades can mulch wet leaves as well.
• Leaves can be shredded using a mulching lawn mower, a leaf shredder, or a leaf vacuum/shredder.