Our popular Back to Nature Series continues with new, exciting seasonal offerings. These private programs are for small groups and families with children of all ages. Back to Nature Series programs are led by our expert Naturalists and range in topics for interactive 1 to 1.5 hour experiences. Inspiring animal and ecological programs will delight nature lovers of all ages.

To register for a Back to Nature Series program please contact Chloe at chloe@greenburghnaturecenter.org or call us at (914) 723-3470.

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(groups of up to 6, $15 per additional person for max of 12)


(groups of up to 6, $15 per additional person for max of 12).

Summer Programs

(Available June – August)

Summertime Reptiles
Summer is a reptile’s favorite season. Meet snakes, lizards, turtles, and tortoises’ from our collection and visit our new Sulcata tortoise exhibit. 

Night Hikes
Join us as we hike through our 33-acre forest under the moonlight! Meet our Naturalist around a campfire and get introduced to the nocturnal animals in our collection, including our great horned owl. After, we will take a hike through the forest and learn about all the ways our woods change at night. Keep your ears and eyes alert for all the life that hides in the cover of night.

Barnyard Opening or Closing
In this fun filled hour, your family has the opportunity to meet us in the morning or evening to go through our entire barnyard routine. Get up close and hands on with the animals as we go through the feeding, watering, animal enrichment, and brushing of our chickens, sheep and goats. You’ll also enjoy a goat walk in the forest.
Time: 1 hour, Suggested age limit: 3 years and older.
Barn openings are 7 days a week
Barn Openings: 9:00 AM
Barn Closings: 4:00 PM—5:00 PM,

Goat Walks
Our Nigerian Pygmy goats, Maggie and Willow, require a lot of enrichment and exercise to stay happy and healthy. Help us provide them with the best possible care by taking them on a forest trail walk with one of our naturalists.

Birds of Prey
Learn about some of the toughest predators in our ecosystem! Enjoy private, up close encounters with live birds in our animal collection while learning about the special features of raptors that make them so unique. You will act as real scientists as you inspect biofacts such as bones, feathers, and talons, and dissect an owl pellet for evidence of our feathered friends’ favorite foods. Be sure to look up at the sky during your visit — you might see one of these majestic creatures soaring above us in the wild!
Time: 1 hour; offered from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM, Suggested age limit: 5+

Free Programs

Meet the Raptors
Stop by our Birds of Prey aviary on Saturdays and Sundays to learn more about our Birds of Prey and witness feeding time. Inquire at the front desk.