Welcome, Future Nature Center Volunteer!

The Greenburgh Nature Center is now taking applications for new Volunteers to join our team!  Prospective volunteers can sign up for the upcoming orientation using the link below. Volunteers must be at least 14 years of age.

Last Thursday of the month, September 28th and October 26th, 6-7pm

*NOTE: Volunteers should use THEIR PERSONAL EMAIL ADDRESS and not a school email.  In addition, we ask that volunteers sign up directly. Any additional questions or issues should be sent to volunteer@greenburghnaturecenter.org.

After you receive confirmation of registration you can begin signing up for volunteer opportunities including orientation.

Note: Any high schoolers interested in applying for an internship for their high school should send a resume, cover letter, and any additional information about their high school program directly to volunteer@greenburghnaturecenter.org

What does a Nature Center Volunteer do?

Volunteers are at the core of Greenburgh Nature Center’s community. They have helped us to inspire passion, curiosity and respect for our natural world since our doors first opened over forty years ago. We thank them for their vision and dedication, and we thank you for your interest in joining their ranks.

We offer volunteer opportunities for dedicated adults, high school and college students, school and outside clubs, and community groups to assist with a wide range of activities throughout the year. These include: animal husbandry; trail tours and maintenance; gardening and greenhouse care; recycling and composting; assistance at weekend and community events; administrative support; special projects; and more.

Working with Greenburgh Nature Center staff, volunteers will acquire valuable pre-professional training in the aforementioned fields.