Here is the link to access our map of the Greenburgh Nature Center to discover trails, our exhibits, and locate the Manor House:


The Greenburgh Nature Center has five marked trails that meander through the forest past a pond and weave through a native plant meadow. The individual trails range from one-tenth of a mile to just over one-half mile in length. All of the trails are perfect for a relaxing lunch time (or anytime!) stroll. You can also connect a few trails together for a more robust walk. Please note that for added protection of all the wildlife, dogs are not allowed on the property.

While enjoying our trails, stay alert as abundant life can be found on all four levels of the forest: the high canopy of pines and oaks, the understory of dogwoods, the shrub level of viburnums and the forest floor level of wildflowers and mushrooms. The vernal pond is a resting spot for migratory birds and other wildlife and is easily accessed via our well-marked blue trail.

All of our trails are unpaved nature trails, so please watch where you walk and stay on the path. Also, please note that any removal of wildlife and plants is prohibited.

Trail Key:
Red –  .51 miles
Yellow –  .12 miles
Orange –  .14 miles
Blue –  .40 miles
Pink – .08 miles