Run Wild (all ages)
On June 11, 12, 18 & 19, Run wild at Greenburgh Nature Center this summer! Taking place over two weekends, Run Wild is a family forest run and obstacle course where you can enjoy some friendly competition while getting active out in nature. This is a rain or shine event!

Back to Nature Spring Series: March-May

Individual Programs can be booked through email to our Program Booking Coordinator, Chloe. Email: chloe@greenburghnaturecenter.org

Plants and Poetry (all ages)
Observe and learn about the life cycles of plants in our Meadow, Woodland, and Marshland. We’ll stop in each habitat, explore, hear short stories and poems read aloud by an Educator and write our own poems. 

Goat Walks (all ages)
Our Nigerian Pygmy goats, Maggie and Willow, require a lot of enrichment and exercise to stay happy and healthy. Help us provide them with the best possible care by taking them on a forest trail walk with one of our Naturalists!   

Springtime Animals (all ages)
Come meet the critters who thrive in the springtime. Learn about birds laying eggs, mammals emerging from their winter slumber, and insects exploring the thawing underground world.

Plan and Plant Your Home Garden (all ages)
This adult/family program will demonstrate how we prep and plant our Organic Garden at the Nature Center. Get hands-on practice and learn about crop succession, companion planting, square foot gardening, and composting from our Naturalists.

Evening Talks (all ages, free, drop-in)
These evening discussions will be held quarterly and will be free to attend. Summer’s topic is Tick Talk which will provide information on how to stay safe outdoors, details on tick habits and habitats, and how to protect yourself from ticks both out on the trails and in your own backyard.

Meet the Raptors (all ages, free, drop-in)
Stop by our Birds of Prey aviary at 3:00 pm on Saturdays and Sundays to learn more about our Birds of Prey and witness feeding time.

Check back here for the latest information on classes and events at Greenburgh Nature Center! For children’s programs like our Back to Nature Series or Naturalist School, click here.