Back to Nature Series Programs
Bundle up and explore exciting nature programs where you will learn about winter wildlife, traditional maple sugaring techniques and more!
Dates and times vary, call to book. See more here.

Forest Walks (self-guided)
Get outside for some fresh air on our 1 1/4 miles of wooded trails. Even in winter there’s a diversity of wildlife to be found! Look for signs of winter animals, whether that’s a burrow or animal tracks in the snow. Our preserved forest is home to cottontail rabbits, white-tailed deer, raccoons, red-tailed hawks and more. Compare and contrast evergreen and deciduous trees. Back at home, or before you visit, make connections to your time here through books like “My Side of The Mountain” (grades 4-8) and Jan Brett’s “The Mitten” (ages 3-5). Our trails are open from 9am until sunset. 

Backyard Birding (self-guided)
Add the Greenburgh Nature Center to your list of winter birding spots. In the winter, the Hudson Valley is a prime location for seeing bald eagles along the Hudson River. Visit our rescued bald eagles then head out to our Native Plant Meadow and wooded areas to look for wild birds. You’ll find cardinals, tree sparrows, juncos, and woodpeckers to name a few. Download two free apps, Merlin Bird ID from Cornell University and eBird to track your sightings and help guide you. These apps are recommended for all levels of bird watchers. First time birders can ask for a free printed guide at our front desk. Want to continue your backyard birding in your own neighborhood? Buy a field guide from our gift shop.


Winter Discovery Camp (K-3)
Experience the winter like never before at Greenburgh Nature Center’s winter camp.
Dates: February 21st-25th, Ages: K-3rd
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